Samurai Chajin(サムライ茶人)

We offer hands-on tea classes in Kyoto in Japanese and English.
Making Matcha (powdered green tea) with a millstone
Making Hojicha (roasted green tea)
Learn how to make a delicious cup of matcha
Learn about Uji tea (history, types, cultivation, production, and brewing)
Learn the difference between gyokuro and sencha.
Making hand-rubbed tea
Play “Chakabuki,” a game of guessing which tea to drink.
Entering a tea plantation and looking at tea trees

Samurai Chajin was born at the “Kyoto Expo of Tea” in 2017.
At first, it was “CHA-Furumai” where Uji tea is brewed while performing. Later, it became a “Japanese Tea Show” where different types of tea are brewed at once, or tea for 100 people is brewed, etc. It became a show to watch and enjoy.

We began to offer tea experiences to guests from overseas either at Samurai Chajin’s house or at our tea farm, and now we have a tea event in Uji every month.

If you are interested in attending a Samurai Chajin event or taking part in a tea experience, please click here for more information.

・ 抹茶を石臼で挽いて作る体験
・ ほうじ茶を作る体験
・ 抹茶を美味しく点てるやり方を学ぶ
・ 宇治茶について勉強する(歴史・種類・栽培・製造・淹れ方)
・ 玉露・煎茶の違いを知る
・ 手揉み茶を作る
・ お茶の飲み当てゲーム「茶かぶき」をする
・ 茶畑に入ってお茶の木を見る
・ などなど、、、




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